Welcome to my blog!

This is yet another sysadmin style blog where I post all of my crazy findings, stupid band-aid hacks, boring rants about useless vendors, and general sysadmin related content that my ‘non-tech’ mates wouldn’t even be able to begin to care about or understand.

As a quick introduction, my name is Brodie Messenger (though you gathered that by the domain) and yes, my surname really is Messenger (for some reason, many people have a hard time believing this). I am an Australian who has been tinkering with absolutely anything since being just a toddler, trying to make sense of the world, and understand just how things (absolutely anything) work.

That logical thinking, coupled with an old man (dad/father, for you non-Australian’s) who worked in IT while I was growing up, naturally lead me down a path headed toward technology. For better or for worse, many of my waking hours are spent researching how something works, and learning something new in my field.

Currently, I work as an IT consultant, which allows me to be in contact, daily, with many, many various configurations of infrastructure, software, and just general solutions. I come in contact with almost every vendor in the market, and am a total “jack of all trades“.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I hope even just one of my posts helps you understand something better, or even fix a problem you’ve been banging your head over for months. If you have any additional information to add, or just want to say thanks, feel free to leave a comment!