How To: Enable Microsoft Photo Viewer in Windows 10/Server 2016 (RDS)

By default, Windows Photo Viewer is not activated on Windows 10/Server 2016.
This can be a real nuisance for those setting up an RDS server/farm, as your users will complain that they are unable to open their .jpg or other images.

In this example, we will enable .jpg images to open with Microsoft Photo Viewer.

Step one – copy files from another Windows 10 machine:

In my case, the files were already installed with Server 2016, however, the dll’s were not registered and Windows Photo Viewer was not the default program for .jpg’s.

If this is not the case for you, copy the files from another installation of Windows 10 into:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Photo Viewer


Step two – register the Windows Photo Viewer dll:

Now we are sure we have the Windows Photo Viewer files on our computer, the next step is to activate it. For some reason (see: Microsoft wants you to ram their “Photos” app down your throat) the program is not enabled by default, so we must first register PhotoViewer.dll using the below:

regsvr32 “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Photo Viewer\PhotoViewer.dll”


Step three – import required registry keys:

Now that we’ve registered the .dll required, we now need to go ahead and import the registry keys which will add Windows Photo Viewer to the “Open with…” menu and set the default file associations for .jpg, .jpeg, and .jpe files.

Download the below file and import each of the registry keys in to your registry:


Step four – test our handy work:

Now that we’ve imported the registry keys, our .jpg’s should open with Windows Photo Viewer.
There is no need to restart, so go ahead and test it… viola!