How to: Quickly check if your WSUS server is working via HTTP

On occasion, we’ve had WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) servers installed internally, only to have them fail.
Whether it be something as simple as a firewall rule, or something complex like a corrupt Windows Internal Database, it’s nice to have a real simple troubleshooting step to see if our WSUS machine is responding to our clients.

Step one – attempt to grab the cab file:

There is just one step!
Much to our pleasure, WSUS hands out a small cab file over HTTP containing a bunch of information required by Windows Update services. We can easily use a web browser to test and ensure our WSUS server is handing this cab file out to our clients by entering this URL:


If your WSUS server is responding correctly, you should have successfully downloaded the cab file.

Note: ensure you replace the FQDN with your WSUS server’s FQDN and the port with the port your WSUS server runs over (e.g. 80, 8530, etc).

If you this file fails to download, you can start looking at your WSUS server for issues and rule out client-side failure.